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Injection Fast® is the first injection system fully conceived, designed and developed by Dental Flex Italia. The injection system also called the press, it is a micro injection system that allows the development of flexible prostheses and other medical devices.

From the continuous research Dental Flex Italia, a system with countless innovations, ease of use, high reliability, conceived, designed and developed in Italy.

The innovations

  • Double Flask Technology®
  • Injection power of over 1500 Kg per cm2
  • It allows to inject up to 45 gr. of material in one single cycle
  • Conventional flasks can be used
  • Internal and external structure made of aluminum and steel
  • Major improvements to increase security
  • Lateral opening
  • Simplified Graphic User Interface and commands
  • Digital real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure
  • Audio-visual alarm for every operation
  • Dynamic temperature control
  • Mechanism that perfectly centers the flask
  • Microchip enhancement
  • Language selection option Italian / English
  • Enhanced cooling fan
  • Energy savings of 50%
  • These are some of the system innovations
Injection Fast® - Sistema di Iniezione per Protesi Flessibili

Technical Features


72,80 cm


28 cm


30 cm


28 Kg




50Hz – 60Hz

Double Flask Technology®

Double Flask Technology® It is the among the main innovations of the system Injection Fast®.
This technology allows the operator to make two or more implants in a single cycle.

Consequently the DFT® application allows a save of time the materials used, but also a saving of energy used for each cycle.

For example, if an average lab makes 200 injections in a year, thanks to DFT® technology it will be able to reduce 50% of cycles (100 cycles). This imposes an enormous savings on production costs.

The possible combinations of development in the double flask are enormous, in fact it is possible to develop two complete dentures but also other combinations. For example, two partial prostheses + two maintainers or a partial denture and four maintainers, and so on.



Injection Fast® - Sviluppo 4 elementi con 1 iniezione

Flexibility of Use

Injection Fast® allows to inject a special cartridge (IPER) that can contain up to 45 grams of any thermoplastic material. This is unique feature of the Injection Fast® system, no other system currently offers what.

The system obviously allow yourself to inject small amounts of materials, to achieve small or medium sized devices. The system in addition to the double flask can use the conventional single flask, thanks to our universal adaptor.

The amount of material that this machine is able to injected is such as to be able to cover the most diverse requirements even with very big palates. The ability to inject a greater quantity of material, provides excellent results, eliminating the risk of internal porosity due to lack of material or even air bubbles.

Lateral Opening

The top cover has as its main features the safety of operators.

But this is not just a simple cover, in fact, even for this part we employed a bit of technology. Not only have we increased the security, but the lid also solves space problems.

The lid is equipped with a zipper with integrated switch. In case the operator during the machining cycle does not close the lid, you will be visually informed by a message on the display and an audible alarm.

Injection Fast® - Apertura laterale
Injection Fast® - Allarme coperchio


In addition to the extra security, the side opening is designed for convenience and space optimisation.

Generally, although other injection systems offer a lid that covers the housing of the muffle, in order to be opened it should be reversed, for which the effective length increases and consequently the system can not be positioned in correspondence of shelves.

We know how important it is to optimize the space in the workplace and this solution has been implemented to solve this problem.

Simplify Operations

One of the most frequent questions we receive, regards the pressure values.
To solve this problem we have integrated a special sensor that provides a real-time monitoring of pressure (in bar).

This device automates basic operations. The system is able to determine whether the pressure is sufficient to complete the cycle in an optimal way.

In the case in which the operator is warned visually it is not sufficient with a message on the display. If the pressure is to be under 6.5 bar , the system will prevent the progress, until the minimum required value is not reached.

This will always work under optimum conditions and to reduce the possibility of errors.

Injection Fast® - Allarme Pressione

2 Anni Garanzia

The Injection Fast® system is sold with two-year standard warranty on all parts.

Estendibile fino a 4 Anni

The warranty can be extended up to four years. The option is available to all new buyers.

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Corso Master

Con ogni acquisto é incluso un corso Master nella vostra sede.
Dai fondamentali alle tecniche avanzate.


La durata del corso é di un massimo 6 ore.
C'é la possibilità di realizzare casi reali.

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Il sistema Injection Fast® può essere comodamente finanziato con Leasing o Locazione Operativa

Flexi Plan

Flex Plan é la facile opzione per finanziamenti che
Dental Flex Italia offre a tutti i suoi clienti in Italia.

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With INJECTION FAST® you no longer have limits

From today thanks to Injection Fast® you can inject very large dentures.

It is well known that the injection systems currently on the market, are limited in the development of total prostheses and a certain size. The limitation is due to the amount of injectable material. A conventional extra large cartridge can hold up to a maximum 23 grams , and in cases of very large prosthesis is not sufficient.

Injection Fast® rectifies this limitation, thanks to the new DFT® technology, it is now possible to inject more than 40 grams of material.

The greater amount of material must be able to be dissolved and fluid yield, but then it is necessary that the system has sufficient strength to be able to inject the quantity effectively into the flask.


With considerable force injection of about 1500 Kg per cm2, the system ensures optimum thrust but especially guarantees optimum control the retraction and high precision. This gives the full dentures a much higher adhesion than conventional techniques

Not only Flexible Partials

  • Connector.


    Occlusal splints can be easily developed with Injection Fast®

  • Connector.

    Anti-snoring devices

    The ability to develop anti snoring devices completely transparent or in natural color

  • Connector.

    Sports mouthguard

    Develop a cover for the teeth used competitive sports

  • Connector.

    Anti-bruxism device

    Offer your customers anti-bruxism custom devices

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