Double Flask Technology®

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Double Flask Technology®

The Double Flask Technology ® is an application designed to increase productivity, but at the same time to reduce costs and development time.
The development of the double flask is in theory a very simple concept, however, the implementation has required much more time and resources then expected.

This technology allows the operator to develop two or more prostheses with a single injection.

This application can only be used with the Injection Fast® offer from Dental Flex Itali.

Dental Flex Italia - Double Flask Technology®
Injection Fast® - Sviluppo doppia protesi

Double flask only the beginning

The design and development of double flask is just the beginning. This application required a radical development of lots of parts, internal and external to Injection Fast® system.

In the double flask are two distinct and separate cavities fed by a single central union, this allows you to control the possible retraction of chalk.

The two cavities behave as two individual units, this ensures a high degree of precision.

La IPER cartridge

Overcome the obstacle of the development of the double flask, we ran into the next obstacle, represented by the amount of injectable material.
Currently on the world market, as regards injection systems for flexible implants larger cartridges available can contain a maximum of 23 grams.

The 23 grams extra large cartridge can produce roughly a full denture (not extensive), but it would not have been enough for two prostheses. The solution to this problem has been to create a completely new cartridge that could contain enough material for at least two implants.
This specific type of cartridge is not for sale, Dental Flex Italia has designed and developed the new unique cartridge which we called IPER.

The new cartridge is able to contain incredibly up to 45 grams, then enough material for two or more prostheses.

Injection Fast® - Apertura laterale

Milled Flask

The double flask needs to sustain larger forces , therefore needed to be very durable.

Each flask is individually milled from a block of a particular type of reinforced aluminum.
This process allows for an accuracy in each of the cavities, even the smallest details have been taken into serious consideration.

This guarantees an extreme wear resistance. With the milling of each element have reached very high levels of precision during the injection phase.

Sounded Structure

The importance of the material chosen its also taking account of all the various phases to which a flask is subjec during the development..

From the pre-heating, which is generally done before the injection, but also to natural cooling in water.

Upon opening the flask is subjected to countless external forces, which may include hammers, spatulas, and other utensils.

The Double Flask Technology ® provides a valid application, precise and durable.



Simplifies, optimizes, it improves.
The exclusive application designed by professionals for professionals

Can only be used with

Injection Fast®

There are NO other injection systems available on the world market, which can accommodate a flask with this dimensions or that they are endowed with the power suitable for such injections.

Double Flask Technology® é un applicazione esclusiva per il sistema Injection Fast®

Dental Flex Italia - Injection Fast®

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